i started out in languages that weren't heavy on OOP, then transitioned to languages that were, before experimenting with LISP, and then, finally, i realised that all programming is trash. 😊

nonsexual nudity in photograph 

Improved the onboarding flow in the #pixelfedApp!

I spent way more time on this than I anticipated but a side effect is reduced DB load across app/web clients.

Can't wait to ship this! I think it will be worth the wait 🚀

Highest denomination of a banknote was 100 trillion in 2009. Each banknote had an expiry date!

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La disparition de la reine Élisabeth II est une grande tristesse pour nous tous.

Figure du XXe siècle, elle incarnait depuis 70 ans l’unité du Royaume-Uni par un remarquable dévouement au service de son pays.

Sincères condoléances à la famille Royale et à tous les Britanniques.

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I am deeply sorry to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and I express my sincere condolences.

I had the good fortune of meeting her Majesty, who was humble and kind. That is how I will remember her.

Rest in Peace.

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So thankful for Her Majesty’s faithful lifetime of service to our Nation and Commonwealth. She was the perfect example of public service. May her memory be a blessing.

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My VR fireworks video has 7k views on YouTube. Why do people like watching firework videos?

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