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Just refilled my phone with lightning and got 1% satsback!

Use this link to earn $5 in sats when you spend $50 on gift cards & mobile refills at Bitrefill!

cofe levels are holding at 50%

(50%) ■■■■■□□□□□

the weirdest thing about the jordan peterson getting addicted to benzos saga is that a respected psychologist who had been practicing for decades somehow didn't know the effects of benzos or going off benzos cold turkey

@dankwraith in his defense, he doesn't seem that good at his job

Your 12 or 24 word recovery phrase is the most important piece of information associated with your wallet.

Keep it secret, keep it safe.

Never send it over email or text to anyone, never save it on an internet-connected device.

Your recovery phrase is your ultimate backup.

Not everyone uses #Linux for the same purpose - and first of all: That's okay! Anyway I am interested how YOU use it.

No #pizza this week feels so wrong when on ^^ My company will attend as an exhibitor on a fair and I have to take part. In the evenings our team will have dinner in a restaurant - I checked, they offer no pizza, lol. At least I can count on you all for the #Linux content =)

:ablobcatrave: New distro time!

Seeing as I have a new PC, might as well get a much needed distro hop.

:archlinux: I'm feeling something Arch based because I really like the AUR.
And maybe with an new but nice look for a change. Nothing too grey and bland.
Should I stick with the ol' standby Manjaro or try something slightly different?

🔁 Boosts Appreciated™
⏱️ You have 6 hours, starting now!

>go to reach for multi vitamin gummies
>grab 2 melatonin ones
>Midway through cvhewing realize these are sleep gummies not multi vitamins.
>Spit out immediately.

Fuck me.

I have just released Hometown v1.0.5+3.5.2!

No new features, just bringing things up to parity with the latest Mastodon v3.5.2. Lots of cool new features thanks to their team and contributors, though.

We will have some Hometown tweaks/fixes/features coming soon though!


Man cant stop talking about liminal spaces and just shits in walmart

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