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Kudos to PM Rutte ( for keeping his old phone for nearly a decade! But we stand with this reader who suggested a #Fairphone as a sustainable, long-lasting alternative that is proudly made in the NL and comes with expandable storage! 🌿 📱

Out of the 11 deadliest mass shootings in the US, 5 of them occurred in Texas.

CSAM Scanning: EU Commission's lies uncovered - Surveillance will not save the children.


#StackerNews is like Hacker News but it pays you #bitcoin

Boomers be like, this generation is lazy and dumb and then be on their 8th phone and cant RTFM and just stop over thinking.

What a dumb generations

@sjw @matrix I'm not moving off Minio. I'm just moving Minio to LVM.
I have to do it piece by piece. Shrinking the current partition, expanding lvm and copying a bit and so on.

I immediately hit an error. Does this mean i need more than 300mb of memory to shrink a 10tb ext4 partition?
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